Wanaka, New Zealand


Our Latest Collection. Inspired by Music.  Inspired by Art. 

"When I paint, I disappear within a world of music and light.  As with any new collection, our inspirations are many.  Painted to music from Red Rebel Music including music from JD Fortune, Pink Floyd, U2 and a lot of rock, - our musical inspirations are chosen carefully to bring out the best in our art - push the line so to speak." 

Melt - karina Fay 2015

Melt - Karina Fay 2015

Full of mystery, depth, spirit & a little more.........Thank you all.

Enlight - Karina Fay 2016

Enlight - Karina Fay 2016

Magic Mist - Karina Fay

Magic Mist - Karina Fay 2015


"Like images of time and place and moments caught in wonder

Stories from the moonlit shore are amplified in thunder

Shadows cast across the sand, filters light and mystery

Turning time from then to now and putting into history........." kf


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"Pick up your brush with your delicate touch and paint yourself into the piece.

Listen without any shadow of doubt to the voice of your own inner peace" 

Copyright - Karina Fay 2015