Wanaka, New Zealand

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't BIG enough"

April 2018

Laying down our foundation on the Road to New York - it all began with a dream...



Queens, New York



More to come...

2018 - The road to New York...

Excited to be exhibiting artwork in Christchurch and Dunedin this year along with our long awaited return to Rarotonga with our 'Return to Paradise' studio residence in the Cook Islands... - on the road to New York... - it's gonna be a cracking year!!


'Elements 1'

Christchurch Art Show

21-24 June 2018



'Return to Paradise'

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

June/July 2018



'Elements 2'

Dunedin Art Show

1-4 November 2018

September 2017

Heading to the first ever Dunedin Art Show - 21-24 Sept

Looking forward to exhibiting artwork and painting live....

Visit them here - www.dunedinartshow.co.nz

 Island of North

Combining our passion once again, we're excited to bring you 'Island of North' - A concept of time...

An upcoming exhibition and photographic series to be exhibited in my home town of Wellington, New Zealand. This is a very personal journey back in time and an answer to these and many more questions...  

What's your name, Where are you from, What Island are you from?

Thanks for the inspiration... 

'Island of North' - A concept of time... December 2017

Wellington, New Zealand 

 Island of North

Where do you come from

What do you afford

It's like vul-ner.abilities

Double edged sword

Like everyones different

We all have our clues

And what we keep hidden

Is lighting the fuse

If life is a theatre

Each part of an act

It's keeping the pieces

Of puzzle intact

So back to the city

Familiar zone

And back to the city

The one I call home

by Karina Fay

Wisp of Nature's Spirit - Karina Fay 2017

Wisp of Nature's Spirit - Karina Fay 2017

Edge of Daylight - Monark Gallery

Edge of Daylight - Monark Gallery

The Phoenix - Karina Fay 2017

The Phoenix - Karina Fay 2017

Waves of Jade - Karina Fay 2017

Waves of Jade - Karina Fay 2017

Place of Light - Karina Fay 2017

Place of Light - Karina Fay 2017

Stage Lights - Monark Gallery

Stage Lights - Monark Gallery

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Island of North, Wellington

Island of North, Wellington

 Please visit our Art Blog at www.karinafayblog.wordpress.com 

for the Exhibition write up... Read More Here

May 2017 - Queenstown

Set at The Front Room Gallery in the beautiful town of Queenstown, New Zealand:

"Sense of Place" - "A Photographic Ensemble..."

Queenstown - Christchurch - Dunedin

The Christchurch Art Show - 15-18 June 2017

The Dunedin Art Show - 22-24 September 2017

Exhibition photos and articles can be viewed at Monark Gallery

Read More Here

"We have walked the road to fly...

Together, we have walked. 

Tomorrow - We fly.

Thank you so very much" kf

Sense of Place

Moving away from the city I know

Into the town and the mountains of snow

Out from the place where the dreams have been made

What to do now as the city lights fade

Driving along on the road by the coast

Sensing the fear while we're making the most

Dawning on me - yet another blank page

Closing the curtain on yesterday's stage

Finding myself on the edge of the lake

Looking across at the dreams still to make

Words doing flips in the middle of night

Colours emerging and into the light

I'm looking for home and the place that I knew

I think it lies somewhere out over the blue

I keep driving over - the road it winds long

And over the airwaves a beautiful song

I know where I'm going - I know where I've been

And this is a place that not everyone's seen

I stay on the road as the night makes the day

For always in colour are words that I say

by Karina Fay


Sense of Place - A Photographic Ensemble...


I'm excited to bring together this exhibition "Sense of Place" alongside 

"A Photographic Ensemble..." - The debut exhibition from Monark Gallery to be shown at The Front Room Gallery in beautiful Queenstown, NZ in May 2017...

Please visit our Art Blog at www.karinafayblog.wordpress.com 

for the Exhibition write up... Read More Here

Music - JD Fortune - Pink Floyd - U2 - Led Zeppelin

Photography - Monark Gallery - www.monarkgallery.com

Sense of Place

"Sense of wonder, Sense of pride, Sense of everything inside, Sense of you, Sense of me, Sense of everything we see, Finding meaning, Finding space,

Sense of Purpose, Sense of Place..."

May 2017 - Queenstown - New Zealand

The Shore - Karina Fay 2016

The Shore - Karina Fay 2016

The Road to Queenstown

"What's in a number, a name or a wall?

Makes perfect sense 

when you look at it all........"

Winter 2016

"Winter is upon us 

Like a train in the night

The snowflakes are falling

Some heavy, Some light..." 

Light Rain - Karina Fay 2016

Light Rain - Karina Fay 2016

Shimmer - Karina Fay 2016

Shimmer - Karina Fay 2016

May 2016 - Liquid Gold

"A walk around, a step up high

 the path is long up to the sky............"

Warm and Cozy.........  :) 


 "A year in Wanaka" 

Spirit of the Sea

It sings

It roars

It bends

It sweeps

The sea

The spirit

The essence

Of blue

Fixed upon it's power

Trapped by it's beauty

Freed by it's expanse

Drawn by it's magnetism

Longing to return to

The place we never left

by Karina Fay


Fluidity - Karina Fay 2016

Fluidity - Karina Fay 2016

March/April 2016

A new perspective can change your life...

With the arrival of autumn, we're enjoying some incredible skies.

'Fly the Night' - Karina Fay 2016

 1 March 2016

Finding gems on the morning walk.......  taking some time to take in the view.

What a beautiful day.


February 2016

What is it, What's art? - It's a million to four

It's thinking some thinking then thinking some more

Then thinking of nothing when nothing will do

And bring to the surface the things that are true

Emotion is power, a slow burning glow

The icing above what we already know

A flower will blossom when facing the sun

Another evolving wherever there's fun

We know in the mystery of what's coming next

Is far more exciting, and way more complex

by Karina Fay

Summer Time 2015/16

"Wired" - Painting on location in Queenstown, NZ

This is it for me - beautiful surroundings, beautiful music,  connecting with everything around you - letting the paintbrush soar.............. 

 Just getting warmed up.

Cheers Everyone and Happy New Year! x 

"You cannot hope to sweep someone else away with the force of your writing until it has been done to you"  - Stephen King


October/November 2015 

Music Serenading.....

Floating through in pockets in the warm and humid night

Inbetween the echo of the laughter and the light

Dreaming of a place we're stepping out into the air

Flying through the fringes not a minute now to spare

Music serenading as the sun is going down

Running through the market on the busy side of town

by Karina Fay

"Looking at the map of life we're holding in our hand - Every town a memory, every road a grain of sand"  kf

September 2015

I've been busy working on everything all at once.  I made some big decisions back in June - Sticking to them everyday has made all the difference!!

If I've learnt anything as an artist, it's this:

"If Art in any form moves you..........  Just embrace it, and pass it on

 It's the best thing ever". x

Sparks that Fly

In the purple twilight of the summer blossom tree

There lives a kind of magic only handed out for free

It doesn't come a knocking on the door of any kind

It only comes a visiting by those whose names we find

We don't have all the answers but we know the way is clear

It's sitting in the shadow of the prickly willow pear

So listen out intently to the beat from others bring

And share the song you carry and around the birds will sing

by Karina Fay

 May/June 2015 - Blurred Lines

'Blurred Lines' means a lot to me as an artist - for the chance to take more risk in my work.    Incredible things happen when you fly way past your comfort zone.  So far past in fact, you don't even realize how far.......... until you're looking back.

This is one of those moments for me.  

A moment to stop, A moment to grow, A moment to reflect.

Use your Illusion 2 - Karina Fay 2014

Use your Illusion 2 - Karina Fay 2014

The Banquet

If Art was a banquet each painting a plate

Would you look at it all or start a debate?

It's feeding the masses one plate at a time

A dollar, a note and even a dime

The parts of the table all make up the feast

The colour of magic unleashed by the beast

The plates are all leaving they've places to go

There's one thing for sure the pace is not slow

What's left at the table is drowning in wine

What once was unusual now simply sublime

What is that they wonder - it all becomes clear

The plate becomes lighter without all the fear

The feasting is over the guests they all stagger

They leave in the dark with their hip moves like Jagger

We're left at the end when the table is bare

Was that one big dream or a colourful mare?

If Art was a banquet each painting a plate

I'd show up real early and stay up real late

by Karina Fay


Every year is different - and 2014 is no exception.  Life can be a roller coaster of emotions, swinging between working on everything all the time to periods of quiet reflection, manic activity and shared expression.  For being an artist is a little bit of everything and so much more............ 

 2014 is a change for me,  a chance to dream bigger - let loose and get to know myself better through writing, poetry, music and Art - What a year it was too!!!! 



July 2013 - Samoa

After a sell out exhibition in 2011, we returned to Samoa for our second Art exhibition at The Vanya Taule'alo Gallery - this time combining our passion with teaching.  Facilitated by the gallery - workshops were held at The Ministry of Education with art teachers from all around Samoa and our 'Scream in Colour' art workshop held at the gallery included adult deaf students from SENESE.  What an enriching experience to give back through art.........  'communication is so much more that what's just spoken or heard' - it's everything to me.

Turtle migration across the Pacific - Karina Fay 2013

Turtle migration across the Pacific - Karina Fay 2013

February 2012 - USA

 "............Art is vulnerable and generous.  It crosses all boundaries, all language and is without prejudice.  Art is the pure essence of your soul, capturing life's moments in time like photo's imprinted on your mind............" kf

Riding the Wave - Karina Fay

Riding the Wave - Karina Fay 2011 - On display in Santa Cruz, California

Pacific Coast

Peaceful lies the ocean

Pounding on the beach

Ever is it changing

And always out of reach

As I walk out on the pier

And look out to the sea

A wave appears and tumbles in 

And washes over me

It leaves behind a bucket load

Of treasures to behold

To sift away and find within

The love that I am told

I find what I am looking for

The silence of the sea

It's mesmerizing power

Forever sets me free

by Karina Fay

 It all starts with a dream................  

.................................Turn your life into a work of Art


 Scream in Colour


Paint yourself a moment, Paint yourself a scream

Paint yourself some laughter, Paint yourself a smile

Paint yourself a holiday, Paint yourself a party

Paint yourself a word, Paint yourself a present

Paint yourself a picture

Scream in colour, Scream in texture

Scream in pattern, Scream in line

Scream in shadows, Scream in reflection

Scream in your head, Scream on your canvas

Scream with a smile, Scream with a laugh


by Karina Fay

Copyright - Karina Fay 2015