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August - 2018

 Our first pop up gallery exhibition in Queenstown...

See you there

June/July - 2018

 Our first Studio Residence in the beautiful Island of Rarotonga...

Getting inspiration for our upcoming series 'Flight of Fancy' to be exhibited in Queenstown in August/September 2018.

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November - 2017

 Check out our online gallery at Saatchi Art


Drifting down Green River - Karina Fay 2014Drifting down Green River - Karina Fay 2014



August - 2017

 Upcoming Feature in the QT


...coming out September 2017

Wanaka - Queenstown

& Southern Lakes Artist

May - 2017

 We are very proud to have our Artwork published in the following publications: 


Queenstown Life - www.queenstownlife.com

QT Magazine - www.qtmagazine.co.nz

InigoOnline - www.inigoonline.com

Monark Gallery - www.monarkgallery.com


October 2016


'Here I am' - Wanaka Wearable Creations

Artists: Claire O'Connell, Oisin O'Connell, Aly Gibson, Karina Fay

27-29 October 2016

I look back - At myself - Who am I - Who we are - From the mirror - A me - Look at you - Look at me - What you do - Do you see - A reflection - At night - A reflection - Of light - And I see - What I am - What I am - What I see - Is the beauty - Of wonder - The wonder - Of me - Who are you - All I see - What you are - Is a star - Tell me more - Tell me how - Tell me when - Tell me now - Tell me any - Which way - Tell me - What do you say...

From the ashes - A fire - Awaking and pulling - Inside of me - Peacefully - Gracefully - A simple - Complexity - Melodical - Relishing - Pulling me - Closer to me - All the time - In the world - To unravel - The me - From the - Mirror You see - That was me - All along - In the wall - In the song - That was me - That was me - Who's the fairest - You see - This is it - This is all - I can say - After all - Who we are - Who I am - This is me - Here I am...

Please visit our Art Blog at karinafayblog.wordpress.com for more pics...

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Right Now - 2016

 From this, to this to this to this.....

With views like these - our latest exhibition is underway.


"There's more to a poem than colour and ink and more to a painting than rhyme.  More to a rhythm than what you might think - a puzzle of magic and time" kf


June - 2016

Working with the owners of the Outrigger Hotel in Apia, this commissioned painting has been an absolute joy to create.

Return to Paradise - Karina Fay 2016 (4m x 75cm)

 Paradise in reflection may appear brighter than before.....

March 2016 - ConCepT

"A Dream and a Vision" 

Artwork, Poetry and Music  "......Sometimes we stop long enough for a breath, And align with the beat in our head......." 

On display at the Studio March 2016 

January 2016 

We're very happy to have our    artwork featured in the UK's Niji Magazine.

Check it out at  Nijimagazine.com.................

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"I love the way that art can inspire people and change situations right before your eyes - offering new experiences for the viewer to connect with and I strongly believe in leaving enough room in there for people to make their own judgements and connection with the art.  It's like watching a new language unfold itself on the wall"  kf

 December 2015 

Every summer we hit the road to paint in some pretty Epic spots in New Zealand.  Why not start the summer off with a bang.......  

 It's been a truly incredible year - in so many ways.  Thanks for swinging by and touching our heart's - it's a beautiful thing.  x

Tectonic Plates - Karina Fay 2015

Tectonic Plates - Karina Fay 2015

October 2015 - A week in Art

"Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries" - Theodore Roethke

A week in Art.................





 August 2015

A labour of love.  Our poetry books have hit the studio  this week.........

June 2015 - Legends Cafe Samoa 

Legends Cafe in Samoa - recently opened up beside the sweeping Pacific Ocean combines art and food in paradise - the new location for The Vanya Taule'alo Gallery.   Nothing makes me smile more than seeing another artists dream and vision come alive - I'm very proud to have artwork on display and look forward to returning soon.

April 2015 -  Wanaka Station Park 

The last of the autumn leaves makes the ultimate backdrop for experimenting with colour and texture.  Using music from Red Rebel Music including the album 'Feeling Fiona' and music from JD Fortune - our Free your Mind Art workshops held in Wellington and Wanaka taught us all a lot.  Sparking a new direction for my own art journey - there is always meaning in the music we hear.  Sometimes it just comes down to this.............. 

April 2015 - Art in the Park 

Set in the beautiful grounds of Minaret Lodge, Wanaka - the Latin Fiesta and Art and Music Festival is a great day out.  Painting live is always inspiring and 2 paintings found their owners........... 

 I love that.

March 2015 - Into the Blue

Our second exhibition at Pacificfusion in the little seaside town of Portobello, Dunedin, New Zealand 

The Deep Abyss - Karina Fay 2014

The Deep Abyss - Karina Fay 2014

The Deep.......

Rising up and out of the ocean

A wave, A mountain, A dream

Rising up out of the deep

A hope, A reality, A new life

We are what we remember

We are what we do

Mystery, Depth and Spirit

Always there beside you

Grab it and embrace it tight

And let it be your guide

by Karina Fay

June 2014 - Matariki

A wonderful community event held in Wanaka every year to celebrate MATARIKI - The Maori New Year.  Workshops, Art, Music and great Traditional food all organized by and for the community.

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