Wanaka, New Zealand


Artwork is Brewing

If paint was like coffee I'd always indulge

The stories of rainbows the pot would divulge

Make mine with sugar a double delight

Hold the cup steady or you'll get a fright

If brushes were chocolates I'd give them away

All wrapped up in tissue and ribbons that sway

Make mine look pretty a gift from a friend

There's plenty to share of our own special blend

If thoughts were like petals that fell from the hand

They'd cover the canvas instead of the land

I'd soon grab another there's no time to pause

I'll turn them to paint and I'd give them a cause

If paint was a flower the colour so lush

The brushes would gather the canvas would blush

The coffee and chocolates enjoyed with your crew

The day turns to moments and talk of whats new

If brushes were thoughts from your latte of gold

The chocolates and roses all put them on hold

But only for minutes not hours it seems

For time waits for no one or art from our dreams

by Karina Fay

I've painted to music and written poetry to Art for as long as I can remember - blending together many different elements to make each painting unique.   

We're proud to offer a range of poetry and music with our artwork as inspiration.....  

Alfabet Soup - Confessions from the cauldron... Our new poetry and writing space for all things wordy

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Every photo tells a thousand words - Every letter paints a thousand pictures

Every day sparks a new beginning - Every footprint leaves a delicate trace

Copyright Karina Fay 2015