Wanaka, New Zealand


Art from our Dreams

I close my eyes the movies play

Lots to see and lots to say

I got a ticket to the show - The story line is one I know

What's not clear is whats to come

A quiet tune we gently hum

Over there to scream out loud - Higher than that fluffy cloud

In the distance laughter reigns

We laugh so hard it hurts our brain

Up the top to gaze out far - Reaching out to touch that star

Underneath where shadows play

They always have so much to say

Dreams surround our every thought - Art from hard earned battles fought

We paint our good we paint our sad

We paint our dreams and ones we've had

Time it flickers for a tick - Another thought it happens quick

The brush awaits to lend a hand

The canvas resting on the stand

I close my eyes to paint along - From the shore another song

by Karina Fay

I've painted to music and written poetry to Art for as long as I can remember - blending together many different elements to make each painting unique.   

We're proud to offer a range of poetry and music with our artwork as inspiration.....  

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Every photo tells a thousand words - Every letter paints a thousand pictures

Every day sparks a new beginning - Every footprint leaves a delicate trace

Copyright Karina Fay 2015