Magic said… Magic heard

What is it you see?

What is it you hear?

That’s ‘Sound Advice’ when ‘The River Jade’ is near…

How can I put this into words…

Today, for the first time in 8 years, I have absolutely no artwork leaning against the wall in the garage. None, and thats a first.

Since I started this journey in 2011, I’ve painted everywhere, including the kitchen bench. In my quest for creative dialogue… I’ve literally painted on every wall in my house (well not the one I currently live in – that’s more of a gallery really).

I’ve been looking for the perfect painting to hang on this wall. Something that said magic in a way I never could. And I’m stoked to have found it in 2 pieces.

Connection – Communication

Freedom – Love

Where to next my friend?


Karina x

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