The Art of Story…

I dont even know what I’m writing… but I have been righting…

Have I what!!

Tears on Greenstone is a remaster of a time Spaced out… I’ve gone back in time, to find things, to feel things, to find my lost dreams. I’ve created a few illusions along the way, not least, created my own beautiful illusions.

After spilling the Beans… in more ways than one, I can finally begin to understand The Art from our Dreams.

It’s a gift well recieved, It’s love. Its where I go when I paint. You could say it’s just what I needed… and thank you… vrroooom

Roll on New York – not long now

Epic!! Much love

Karina x

Tears on Greenstone (Roimata Pounamu Memorial Wall) is located at The New Zealand Army Museum in Waiouru. We stayed here in the mid 90s as Interior Design students. This was a concept from one of the students. Its the largest Jade structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Art from our Dreams...