The Art of Story…

I dont even know what I’m writing… but I have been righting… Have I what!! Tears on Greenstone is a remaster of a time Spaced out… I’ve gone back in time, to find things, to feel things, to find my lost dreams. I’ve created a few illusions along the way, not least, created my own […]

Jack and the Beans… Talk

The most outrageous sales pitch on the streets of Chicago, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Miami, Orlando and Honolulu… and wherever else we feel like screaming. What would you scream if you could? Where would you exhibit yourself? What do you have to say for yourself? Do it… Dec/Jan 2020 – gonna live the dream. […]

Magic said… Magic heard

What is it you see? What is it you hear? That’s ‘Sound Advice’ when ‘The River Jade’ is near… How can I put this into words… Today, for the first time in 8 years, I have absolutely no artwork leaning against the wall in the garage. None, and thats a first. Since I started this […]

Sing it like it should be…

Oh yes… I’ve been investing everything into this dream – and right now, I’ve got one way tickets sitting in my inbox. But there’s a rocking concert to come back to so I guess that’s OK. Of course it’s OK, it’s the dream to go back… This is just a glorious aperitif. Looking at you […]

Reflective Rotation

It always comes back to this… It’s hard to believe at the time I painted this, that I painted it vertically. So often I’ve painted and rotated, that as a habit, I paint everything now in all directions, including reflections.  Which is why I never sign my paintings on the front anymore. And like a […]

Queena Arts

The River found On rocky ground What is it that you’ve seen There’s only one way left to live And that is Like a Queen… On the road to finding your bliss, you may lose a few teeth, hell, you might even lose your mind. I hope so – otherwise I’d swear I’d gone mad. […]

Thou Art, How Great…

Now that I’ve completely freed myself up for all possibilities with my art… I’d like to say, Welcome, it’s great to share…. All art is of benefit to the community in all areas of life and I’ve donated many paintings over the years, for silent auction prizes, live auction events and contributing to the fund […]